Architectural Engineering

  • Category : SERVICE

Specialist geotechnical, structural and hydraulic engineers work with design and construction teams to deliver sustainable, resilient, healthy and safe homes and buildings.

Geotechnical Engineers

Geotechnical engineers conduct detailed analysis of the soil qualities on your property as the fundamental factor affecting any construction. Our state-of-the art testing includes Moisture Content Test, Compaction Test and Dry Density Test. Using the latest geotechnical tools and methodologies allows us to predict the behaviour of many layers of sand underneath a structure, and its effect on a subsequent structure. Ignoring these can result in such minor problems as cracks over the windows and doors through to costly, major faults such as settlement of part of a structure.


Structural Engineers

Our structural engineers service new builds, renovations and extensions, including retaining walls, swimming pools, awnings and other secondary structures. The team works closely with our designers to derive optimum design methods and material choices for your project. With extensive experience in the behaviour of steel and concrete, and full knowledge of relevant engineering codes, Construct AU thrives on challenging projects with unique, complex foundations.


Hydraulic Engineers

Hydraulic engineering is concerned with fluid management and flow, and our team of hydraulic engineers design single-dwellings, large townhouses, multi-level apartments and childcare centres. We ensure safe, healthy construction by providing the most hygienic and sanitary water supply and waste solutions. We have expertise in all aspects of stormwater design, including downpipes, tanks, drains, gutters and pits to the complex hydraulic designs of on-site detention tanks and transpiration beds.