DA Approval

  • Category : SERVICE

Our team is highly experienced at preparing and lodging development applications (DAs) to get your home approved and underway. Many design and construction projects -including alterations, additions, new builds, granny flats and dual occupancies – require approval from your local Sydney council through submission of a DA.

We advise on the type of approval your project requires; some constructions are exempt or eligible for fast-tracked complying development certificate (CDC) approval performed by one of our in-house private certifiers. If your project needs DA approval through council, Construct AU takes care of the report preparation and lodging for you.

Each council may differ slightly in its process, but they all follow NSW planning controls and local development planning controls. Documents we will likely prepare include Basix Report, SEE, Quantity Surveyor Report, Waste Management Report, Sewer Diagram Location and Council Forms and more. Construct AU has excellent working relationships with councils across Sydney, and we liaise on your behalf to achieve timely DA approval and CDC approval.