• LOCATION : Single Dwelling, Sydney
  • YEAR :

Located in Georges Hall, the client requested a single dwelling house that is the first of its nature in a neighbourhood that is gradually turning into a contemporary design suburb.

The clients request was clear and simple, to design his dream house for his family. Due to the vast size of the lot, the first step was to divide the site into 3 equal zones. The first zone acting as the building’s footprint, the second is the open private spaces, and the third is the parents’ house at the back of the site. After allocating the zones, and following our site analysis, we allocated the best space for the main house that will allow for maximum floor area.

The central courtyard space acts as the separating element between the two newly proposed houses. Additionally, following the concept a central axis, the house was designed accordingly, by having a central void that allows rain water to transform into an internal waterfall on the glazed walls of the void, it also allows for spills of light to light up each space at a specific time of day which is expected to be the time the clients use that space.

The entire house was split into 2 zones on the ground floor area, as a partition acts as the separation between the semi-private front and the private back. Curves were utilised to define living spaces as they give a sense on enclosure, tidiness, and warmth.

Finally, the white exterior rendered reflects a building that integrates into its surrounding as the curves reflects the folds and ripples of water in the neighbouring river adjacent to the site.