• LOCATION : Dual Occupancy, Sydney
  • YEAR :

A property developer’s heaven, William Dual is a unique and benchmark architectural design for the Yagoona suburb. The detached dual occupancy provides a sense of individuality for each of the dwellings, allowing for distinctive visual separation between the two.

Each of the dwellings is provided with an internal courtyard that forms the central axis for all other spaces and forms a unique connection between outdoor and indoor spaces. Additionally, the design provides one of the dwellings with a pool which is connected to a BBQ area, whiles the other provides a major outbuilding which accommodates different buyers’ interests.

Material play was key in this design, as the surrounding buildings are of a historic nature and mainly rely on exposed brick. The rendered brick design exposes its bricks in concaved areas to create a harmony with the site surroundings. Nonetheless, the timber batten cladding allows the design to blend in with the surrounding nature of the site.

As this project was assigned to us for investment purposes, the design not only focused on providing maximum FSR, but rather creating an eye-catching design that grabs the interest of potential buyers. The contemporary design of this project with its luxury elements allows for maximum profit and comfort for investors.