• LOCATION : Heritage extension, Sydney
  • YEAR :

A celebration of heritage, Terrace was assigned to Construct AU by a retiring couple that wanted an outbuilding to host their gatherings and a re-design of their private open space that suites the modifications.

The clients wanted to build a house that respected the mid-century character of the neighbourhood, while pursuing a bold and contemporary approach to design. The outcome is a project which creates a strong and often surprising connection between contemporary and heritage architecture, with an angular roof form that simultaneously camouflages and contrasts the existing house with the extension. The vertical timber studs compliment the courtyard design that gives a feeling of a country-side home to the outdoor space. The extension provided the clients with an additional living room, kitchen, alfresco, BBQ area, Pool, and courtyards.

The project outcome provided the clients with their dream retirement plan without the need of leaving the suburb they are ever so used to, and allowed them to have a space to host their weekly get togethers with friends and family, and living out their years in the neighbourhood they’ve lived in for more than three decades.