• LOCATION : Dual occupancy, Sydney
  • YEAR :

The Robertson Street property puts a contemporary twist on typological residential architecture and strips it back to its most essential detail elements. The white render highlights the form and frames the select palette of façade materials, particularly complementing the warm brown timber and complementary face-brick. Modernity has done its best to claim and consume face brick as an architectural feature in residential design, with the prevalence of renders and masses of glass growing exponentially in recent years. However, in Robertson Street, the impeccably laid courses and finely pointed mortar complement the precision of the rendered edges, creating a detail that is subtle and yet so rich. The earthiness of the masonry ties well with the timber window accents and the surrounding landscaping, asserting a humble nature despite the crisp angles.

Like many of the projects at Construct AU, the sense of purpose of each design element is evoked through careful consideration of site, context and intent. Of particular pride is the Robertson Street windows, which are carefully placed to frame views and capture light. Each window enjoys a simple but deeply profiled timber frame to enhance the articulation of each opening and utilise the softness only a natural material can achieve.

The z-shaped ground floor plan snakes its way across the site to provide ample space for living, cooking and dining; perfect for a busy family who like to be together regardless of the tasks at hand. Generous outdoor space complements the open ground-floor plan, creating yet more space as the living is able to expand outwards onto a large timber deck. This openness gives way to private enclosures on the first floor which is dedicated exclusively to three bedrooms, family bathroom and master suite. The configuration of active and passive spaces is typical of the average family who live as both a unit and several individuals, with the architecture supporting these patterns of living and ensuring the seamless functionality of the family unit.

Whilst presenting a stylised-traditional façade to the street, the home slowly evolves into a contemporary entertainer’s reverie. Earthy tones make way for more render and sleek black steel, better highlighting the bold forms of the massing against the sky. The home moulds itself to the context of the site, putting forth its most appropriate response as per the aspect.