• LOCATION : Dual occupancy, Condell Park
  • YEAR :

Set in the heart of Condell Park, the attached dual occupancy for Norman was assigned to our team by one of our loyal clients. The site is located on a corner lot and thus we sought to take advantage of multiple frontages. The intention of this design is to have two different identities for a dwelling which is attached in nature.

Each street frontage reflects a different identity. The smaller side of the site reflects a contemporary architecture design of a simple yet elegant design utilising a desaturated façade that blends in with its neighbours, and due to the great advantage of having massive trees surrounding this site, the use of timber was integrated into the frontage façade allowing the new design to compliment the surrounding nature.

The design utilises the secondary frontage to serve as the frontage for the second lot and the private open space for the first lot, thus maximising on the advantages provided by a corner lot.

The pool was a main feature of this design, as it became the central point of axis where all other spaces were designed and oriented towards the glazed wall separating the outdoor pool area and the internal spaces. The pool was designed in three zones, the first being a lap pool, the second is a cool water pool bar, and the third is an integrated jacuzzi into the second zone allowing for seating area opening to the bar.

The second lot was designed to visually connect with the first to reflect a dominant linear structure of a modern villa on the secondary frontage, reflecting a contemporary design which is the first of its kind in the area.