• LOCATION : Single dwelling, Sydney
  • YEAR :

The significant feature of the luxury design on 192 Hillcrest is the distinct use of materials, as the dominant white featured bricks with the black aperture’s framings create a balanced contrast on the corner lot of Hillcrest. The curve design compliments the corner aspect of the lot as well as maximising the use of the secondary frontage.

The sense of rhythm in this design is unique through the spaces that push in and out based on their use, while all main spaces are oriented towards the village like outdoor design, giving a countryside feeling in the heart of a suburban area.

The open floor plan of the ground floor provides a contemporary luxurious feel of the internal spaces, as the glazed facades light up all the open floor spaces and forms a sense of connection between spaces that are normally separated by partitions.

The dominant feature of this design in relation to its surroundings is minimalistic architecture that captures the site and forms a sense of attraction to the street corner.