• LOCATION : Boarding house, Kings Park
  • YEAR :

The design for the Boarding House development in Cobham Street, Kings Park evolved to set precedent for future boarding house development. As an oft-overlooked and underappreciated form of affordable housing, Kings Park Boarding House is styled after an upmarket boutique hotel, contained within a bold and playful contemporary massing. Whilst occupying a high percentage of the site and being built boundary-to-boundary, the impact of the building scale is softened through the dynamic articulation of the fa├žade; as it opens, retreats and even slants backwards to encourage a sense of admittance and not prohibition. Similarly, the forward-facing windows and balcony area locate the common spaces closer towards the street, creating a transitory moment between public and private.

The ground-floor features two accessible rooms and accessible common spaces, ensuring representation and accommodation for all persons with all levels of ability can find their place in Kings Park. The first-floor rooms are designed to house pairs of boarders, helping to maintain critical relationships through adequate accommodation.

Each individual unit is self-contained, providing entirely self-sustainable living arrangements and further encouraging personal growth and success. By giving residents as many resources as possible and allowing them to live with self-determination, Kings Park Boarding House provides a socially responsible and empathetic response to the demands for affordable housing.

The impeccable styling and completely new construction give the development a greater sense of purpose and pride than other boarding house developments which see existing properties altered out of necessity. Instead, at Kings Park, the modern design and contemporary finishes promote a greater sense of pride and a higher standard of living for the residents, enabling them to feel empowered and at home regardless of their circumstances. By providing people of all backgrounds with an affordable, high-quality place to live the residents are further encouraged to maintain that quality across all aspects of their life.