Architectural Design

Our team of bright, talented and experienced designers combine classic design principles with modern architectural trends to design beautiful residences. Full-service architecture, from concepts and interior elements to construction detailing, ensures seamless design for exquisite new builds, renovations and heritage restorations.

Excellence in house design

From modern home design to heritage restoration, every architectural project is designed to optimise light, space, aesthetics and, ultimately, your future living. Our talented designers use a holistic approach to place your vision firmly in mind. The process typically begins with a casual chat where we analyse and understand your aspirations. To this, we apply architectural creativity and experience, gradually narrowing down to the finest details to culminate in a stunning design you’ll love.

Experience your house plans with virtual reality

A picture speaks a thousand words, and we emphasise visual communication with you right from the beginning. Unless you’re an expert, most people find it hard to visualise architectural design from concepts or sketches. Our state-of-the art 3D visual technology allows you to see what your home will look like, both inside and out, rather than relying on hope and imagination.

As a bright, dynamic team of designers, we continually explore new technologies for visual communication with clients. Virtual reality (VR) allows you to fully immerse in your new space to experience the unbuilt design. Visual technology even allows us to make real-time changes to your architectural plans, while you watch. Seeing the differences right before your eyes helps make those all-important decisions, saving time and helping the project to progress smoothly.

We offer multiple visual communication options, either in our Sydney office using the VR station, in our dedicated VR studio, or with links to your smartphone that can be experienced from anywhere.

“Our design process always starts from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, because we care equally for the user experience in our design as much as the reflected aesthetics of the exterior design. We are interested in people’s lives and the way they experience our spaces and how, together, we can make their lives better.”